• Monday, November 22, 2021
The majority of content creators post their work to Facebook or LinkedIn, which is a solid technique because the platforms attract more attention. People read their posts or information without having to pay for it. But with Hostbeak Kreator you will get a free website, hosting, and web monetization. Wait! did I mention web monetization? Alright, let me explain

What is Web Monetization?

Website monetization is the practice of making money from a website or blog by leveraging it as an advertising platform for businesses that have relevant content and offers.
This simply means you can earn from your blog when users visit your blog and read your content or click on any product on your page

What is HostBeak Kreator?

A platform to create, educate and provide a community of 1,000 empowered African creators with their personalized websites, preferred domain name, and the ability to monetize their content on the web all for FREE! 

What we will do?

We will train the creators on payment pointers, how to manage their website, web hosting, and more, all to help them become well informed on the importance of Web Monetization and how to be compensated for creating digital footprints of their talent, content, skill, and ideas online at no cost.

Who is a Creator?

A creator is someone who is interested in entertainment, business, sports, law, consulting, the arts, or technology, there's something for you. Being a Kreator will assist you in developing your digital footprints on the web as well as monetize your content on your website on your domain name for free if you are an African with a love for creating and sharing content.

Do I have to pay to become a Creator?

No, you don't have to pay anything because we walk you through the full process. Simply apply, and if chosen, you will be invited to join! Before you apply, be sure you meet the requirements.

Why you should be a Kreator?

Some of the benefits of being a Kreator are:

   - Free Domain Name

   - Free Web Hosting

   - Free SEO

   - Free Custom Website

   - Free Coil Membership

   - Free Branding

   - Free Web Monetization

   - Free Business Emails

   - Free Training + Support

Wow! that's a lot of good benefits let me hurry and apply. Wait before you rush to apply please kindly go through the requirement process so as to make your application outstanding 
For your application to be outstanding and picked by the team members you must:

  - Must be an African

  - Must be 18 years or older

  - Must be fluent in English

  - Desire to publish content online regularly

 Having met all the listed requirements, Please kindly follow our social media pages to stay updated on our latest information 
To apply kindly click on the link below